Business Risk Assessment platform

Business Risk Assessment platform

About project

Our customer – a large consulting company wanted to facilitate business decisions based on reliable data analysis and evaluation of opportunities and threats. BCF has helped with the implementation of the application from idea to mature product – an application for business risk assessment, and management powered by Azure Cloud system.

How we made it?

BCF EA engineers became a part of the international team. Our experts took care of the front-end of the application and back-end part. They ensure an attractive and useful visual interface. While Java and Spring boot programmers dealt with back-end solutions, QA engineers conducted tests to ensure the accurate quality of the system. Our Azure specialists were responsible for the fast processing of large amounts of data and their security. The team cooperated with Microsoft to develop the solution and adapt it to different technologies.

What was the final effect?

The platform is an integrated, proactive risk and compliance tool that helps identify, monitor, respond and remediate risks. The solution development included advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. Based on years of industry experience in detecting threats, the system enables faster and more adequate responses.

What are the benefits for the client?

The system speeds up deal-making and reduces the risk of entering new markets. Using the platform protects the company’s finances and brand reputation, among other things, by allowing efficient allocation of costs for more accurate problem-solving.